Culture and Tradition

Our guide is a qualified Historian of Arts who will take you to visit  Sulmona Town Museums, the Historical Buildings, the ruins of the Temple to Ercole Curino and the Old Town Gates

The medieval centre invites one to wander along the main street and to stop in Piazza Garibaldi, the scene of a colorful market every Wednesday and Saturday.

Alba Fucens, the best preserved Roman town in Abruzzo, is easily reachable by car in less than one hour

During the Easter week, you can discover our religious tradition: the Good Friday Procession and "The Madonna running in Square"

The processions are organized by two different Confraternities: The Holy Trinity, which organizes the Procession of the Dead Christ on Good Friday evening, and the Confraternity of the St. Lady of Loreto (or "of the Grave"), which is responsible for the "Madonna che Scappa in Piazza" (The Madonna running in the square) on Easter Sunday morning.

Culture and Tradition